Author Topic: Sigismondo D'India perhaps my favorite composer by far now?  (Read 557 times)

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Sigismondo D'India perhaps my favorite composer by far now?
« on: September 25, 2021, 04:51:42 PM »
AH... blast this Sicilian Gentlemen is fabulous, I'm by far the most devoted  fan to this master, his work  by god all mean is incredible, I have like 6 CD's on lovely LP of him, I totally love and dig his music, he one of the best Italian of Sicilian ever, his music  is a little bit inspired by Giaches DE Wert for bold and avant-garde very sophisticated music, his music would be In between  Gesualdo and Monteverdi sounding, he is phenomenal composer. I think I have all The e release of this gentlemen here what I have (correct me if I'm wrong and don't have everything he done put to CD or LP), anyway.

I got the Release on ZIG ZAG

I got the release on Ricercare Nice double CD

I got the release On Musique D'abords CD

I got the Brilliant Classic (that is a tremendously  good album)

I got La Venexiana all release expect on that is out of print but had it in streaming.

Got EAON release quit bold and daring record odd stuff

In LP I got The Fives Centuries Ensembles, made in Italy by Italian , Italian Import, this is my best vynil ever It's magic, when I listen to this I float up there in the sky, this is just too marvelous LP, Grandiose, Magnifique, sublime, stunning, surreal.

I swear all said is 100% accurate , no lies, Sigismondo India is alone in is league,  his poetry is pretty , is music is very beautiful, trust me on this, please  0:)
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