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I've been going back and forth on the prospect of sharing my own compositions online. Since there are several really talented composers on this forum, the prospect seemed intimidating! Music composition was actually my major in college, but I decided for personal reasons not to pursue any further study in music. It's a decision I now regret, because writing and listening to music were the things the brought me the most joy in life! I've actually been trying to compose again, but I've never gotten very far with anything new - usually no more than a few bars. But I'll keep trying, because there's a lot of music in my head - I just need to bring my skills up to where they were 20-something years ago. Life is too short not to do something that brings joy and fulfillment!

I'm going to share two pieces to start - I'm still working on entering my old (handwritten) music into Sibelius, so I don't have a lot to choose from. The first piece was written in about 1994, and was played at a composition recital I gave in 1996. I was friends with the five members of a wind quintet, but I had trouble fitting a horn into the piece, so I left it out. It's three really brief movements, about three minutes total; I have the live performance, but it's a little rough around the edges - the NotePerformer version is far from ideal, but it's good enough. I'm sure I can find a way to share the live performance if people are interested.

EDIT: I should add that the clarinet part is transposed (not "in C") in the score.

So here it is:

And here's the score:

The score is attached. Please let me know your thoughts - good, not-so-good, or indifferent!

And here's the second piece - a quintet for trumpet and string quartet that I wrote in 1995. It's a little more substantial at 15ish minutes, in three movements (fast-slow-fast). It actually won the 1997 International Trumpet Guild composition contest - a fact of which I was exceedingly proud until I found out there were just two submissions! Still, they liked my piece better than the other composer's entry, so that's something. It was premiered at the same 1996 composition recital as my woodwind quartet piece, and it actually received another performance a couple of years later. Again, the performance is a little scruffy, and the trumpeter wasn't at his best - among other things, he took the high B-natural at the climax of the slow movement down an octave. The trumpeter in the second performance nailed it, but I don't have the audio. Again I've included the version with NotePerformer.

And yes, the end of the slow movement is a deliberate nod to the second Nachtmusik from Mahler 7!  ;D

And the score:

Mirror Image:
Let me ask you, do you play any musical instruments, classicalgeek?

Just listened to your Three Short Movements and liked it a lot! A charming trio of miniatures, very fresh and witty. The NP rendering sounds really good to my ears, very realistic and UNelectronic-sounding as far as the timbres go, and none of the timing issues ("bloopers") that plague my renderings involving solo strings. Maybe those issues are really limited to strings.

It's late so I'll listen to your other work tomorrow... and I'm looking forward to it!


--- Quote from: Mirror Image on September 29, 2021, 06:15:12 PM ---Let me ask you, do you play any musical instruments, classicalgeek?

--- End quote ---

I've played piano since I was 9, and I actually played the euphonium in high school, so I'm familiar with the brass family. I've never played strings or woodwind, though!


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