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Excerpt from my WIP Symphony No. 4

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--- Quote from: classicalgeek on October 05, 2021, 12:42:29 PM ---Thank you for posting some of the score. The orchestra is definitely Mahler-sized... and I don't think Mahler ever used two tubas! And your orchestration is stunning! If you share the completed symphony, I look forward to hearing it!

--- End quote ---

Thanks so much.  :)

Here are two excerpts from the 2nd movement.  It's a molto adagio lasting about 14 minutes.

I'm liking it so far! I like the chromatic harmonies in the strings - it's almost a threnody, but more sinister voices take over (timpani, muted trombones, bass clarinet). Very effective. And I like the way what (I think) is the second excerpt builds to a sustained climax. I look forward to hearing more of this second movement!

Agreed, very impressive! Looking forward to hearing the rest of this work when it's finished...


I'm nearly done.  Here is an excerpt from the climax of the 1st movement.   :)

There are two major opposing forces, a solemn string choral and a forceful brass fanfare.  They mostly stay out of each other’s way until this moment where the conflicting ideas break down, becoming more forceful and aggressive building towards the climax then gradually fades away.


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