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Great Resignation (Big Quit) 2021

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Dry Brett Kavanaugh:
A record number of people in developed countries are quitting their jobs. There seem to be several factors/reasons. Currently there are better jobs for some workers. Secondly, some workers like working at their homes, and they do not want to go back to their workplaces. Thirdly, in this tumultuous time, many people have realized that how awful their work environments are.
I am thinking about quitting job myself.

Mirror Image:
I've been reading a good bit about this myself and I can certainly sympathize with a lot of people who are quitting their jobs. Up until 2020, people have slogged away at the time clocks only to realize that ultimately they're incredibly unhappy with their jobs as they feel they're just slaving away with no real purpose. Since I've gone back to work in December of last year, I have cut back on my hours considerably. I only work four days a week and I work an easy 1pm to 10pm schedule. The only way I'd go back to 40 hrs. again is if I had no choice.

I love working from home and it has honestly saved me, without a word of exaggeration.

I will fight tooth and nail to continue working from home, since I can do my job 100% without any hitch.  We are having a "plan to return to office" meeting.  If I cannot continue to work from home in my current job, I will simply find another job that will allow me to do so 100%.

I think a lot of that is happening in the service industry.  They took the time to train to find a better job during covid times and they're not coming back.  It is rightfully forcing employers to offer a living wage and benefits for a change.  But once that starts all of a sudden people in all sorts of professions start re-evaluating their career goals.

As for me, I like my job and I'm staying put.

I worked from home for a while after covid hit and have now retired without regret, but I do miss my coworkers and the social and collegial atmosphere of the workplace. The world is becoming an ever increasing place of personal isolation. You can't beat the commute of woking at home, but human interacation can't be overrated.


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