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Great Resignation (Big Quit) 2021

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I can't say that I miss the socializing aspect of the workplace at all. I'm an extremely introverted person whose energy levels get sapped being in an office environment with any kind of noise level and being amongst many people. Then add to that the stress of commuting, another energy sapper, essentially I don't have anything left in the tank as far as energy levels and being present with my partner when I get home. That is just not a life worth living for me, at the end of the day.

Working from home, for an introvert like me, has been a life saver, literally speaking.

We are all built differently, but the traditional office environment and the big rat race daily grind was made for social butterflies and extroverts.

We all have different needs and I think it is important for each and every one of us to recognize what are personal needs are and what mechanisms work best for us as individuals.

Dry Brett Kavanaugh:
I won’t miss my workplace. I can occasionally meet some of my coworkers at a restaurant or cafe.

T. D.:
I'm about to turn 64, and expect to totally retire shortly after reaching 66 (about to sign on for a final 2-year term). I work from home as much as possible.
I envy the younger people who can work from home. When I was in 20s through 40s, being in the office and interacting with others was essential to promotion and advancing one's career. I'm amazed that remote work can offer the same career advancement, but more power to those who can do it.

When I read the title I thought it would be about the Austrian chancellor Kurz stepping down after a financial scandal but I apparently overestimated the importance of Austria in world politics. ;)

vers la flamme:
I work in the medical field so I never got to experience the "work from home" thing. Covid did not change my work life terribly much beyond the increased sanitation measures in the workplace. It is interesting seeing people leaving their jobs, especially in the service sector. There's a labor shortage across the board. Can't think of another time in my short life that this has happened before.


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