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Thorvaldsdottir, Anna (1977 - )

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Anna S. ├×orvaldsd├│ttir is an Icelandic composer with atmospheric compositions, and her music is seeming to become more well known.

I had the great fortune of hearing her work, Metacosmos (2017) live performed at the 2019 Winnipeg New Music Festival, and it left a really great impression.  Another work I have heard of hers is In The Light of Air (2013-14).  Both wonderfully atmospheric pieces.

Is there anyone else familiar with this composer's music?   :)

Here is a link to her website.

I've heard Aerial by her. Depending on the mood, I quite like the almost primitive, ambient kind of vibe she has going on. Again, late evening listening in the same atmosphere as Feldman's Rothko Chapel. Kind of.

On a connected note, this would be a soft intro to Paleo-folk or Paleo-metal bands like Heilung, Nyttland, or Wyrdstaef.

Thank you for joining the thread, Foxandpeng.  :)  I didn't expect a response so soon to this thread.  ;D

I'm not familiar with Aeriality, but I am assuming it is from this disc?

That's the one  :). I quite like what I've heard so far. We do a fair but of nordic pagan/heathen atmospheric music that crosses back and forth with what I've heard so far, but lots more to discover from her.

I'm in love with Thorvaldsdottir's music! It's structurally very free but with a continuous flow, I also find it very cosmic sounding, and also at times, as foxandpeng stated, very primative.

These are the CDs I own featuring her music. The first two are only of Thorvaldsdottir's music whereas the rest are compilations featuring other Icelandic composers.


This is the 3rd disc of this series by the Iceland SO, Thorvaldsdottir is not featured on it but if you like the other two from the series you'd like this as well. Icelandic composers seem to be similarly influenced.


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