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What is this piano piece? Cannot rest until I find out!

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I want to find the original composer of this particular track:

EDIT: To clarify, the thing I want to know is the piano piece that plays from 13:12 - 14:00

It should cue up on the correct time stamp. If not, please fast forward to 13:12

Google wasn't any help, and no one I asked IRL had any clue. Please help me solve this!

At 14:20 there's a couple of seconds from a J.S.Bach concerto, the 5th Brandenburg, cf. for example at 8:10 and 8:55 and 10:30 here,

and I think your clip is very much an eclectic, 'modernized' variation on that one and other similar sources.

Thanks for replying @MusicTuner!

But to clarify, I'm only really interested to know the the piano piece which plays between 13:12 - 14:00

It's just a snippet of the original piece of course.
The album is a mashup of different classical pieces. But that's the one where I would really want to find out the name and composer of the original piece, so I can listen to the entire thing.

The piece from 13:12 until 15:00 has one title only, Dance.
My personal opinion is that it may very well be a personal variation/improvisation inspired by the Bach work, since some of the patterns seem similar.

However I am not a musician.

But I don't recall hearing a classical piano piece with exactly those runs of notes - it may exist, of course.


--- Quote from: MusicTurner on October 17, 2021, 12:20:09 PM ---The piece from 13:12 until 15:00 has one title only, Dance.

--- End quote ---

The album itself is "Mr Kindhoover". He does electronica mashups of classical pieces. Of course he names his tracks whatever he wants to  ;)
But I'm positive that piano snippet is a sample of some other composers work. Who is that original composer and what's the name of the piece? That's what I want to find out.


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