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Simon Moon:
Brand new member here. I belong to other music, and classical music forums.

Hopefully I am not the odd person out here, but my tastes in classical music tends to be only 20th century (mostly post 1950's) up through the current era.

I like it 'thorny' sounding.

My knowledge of theory is very rudimentary, and my only experience playing an instrument, is a drum kit. I used to play pretty basic rock in cover bands. I was passable.

Besides classical, I am a big fan of progressive subgenres of jazz (post bop, modal, avant-garde, fusion, chamber jazz), and progressive music in the rock purview (avant-prog, Zeuhl, chamber-prog, technical-metal, prog, Canterbury).

The attributes of the various types of music I love have in common are: very high level of musicianship, complexity, deep and broad range of emotion conveyed, (usually) long forms.

Hi Simon, and welcome. You're definitely not the odd person out! Quite a few folks here are big fans of 20th and 21st-century works (including me), and you're likely to find people who share your jazz and rock interests as well.

In any case, have a good time!


John Copeland:
Welcome Simon.
Lets hope for plenty of thorny-ness!  I'm looking forward to hearing what you hear, whether I like it or it knocks me daft instead!  :-X ;D

k a rl h e nn i ng:
Welcome, Simon!

Welcome Simon.  Always great to see new members.  :)


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