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War Symphony by Lliya Rodyonova


Roy Bland:
Highly tragic work

here more details about composer

k a rl h e nn i ng:

--- Quote from: Roy Bland on October 24, 2021, 09:02:29 AM ---Highly tragic work

here more details about composer

--- End quote ---

Interesting, thanks. YouTube went flaky, and I've only heard 3 mins of the piece. Will try again tomorrow.

Has its moments.
Some of it is very bombastic.  Distortion in the recording didn't help.


Rodionova Lilia Vladimirovna

L. Rodionova received her primary composer education in the class of G.I. Ustvolskaya at the V.I. Rimsky-Korsakov. Then she studied at the Petrozavodsk branch of the Leningrad Conservatory (in composition - from E.N. Patlaenko). She completed her education at the Moscow Conservatory, graduating in 1981, and then - graduate school in the class of Professor A.S. Lehman.

L. Rodionova is a laureate of the All-Russian Competition of Composers. D.D. Shostakovich, 1st prize (2015). She is a laureate of two international competitions in Russia: "Young Classics", II place (2020, Vologda), "Romanticism", I place (2021, Moscow); and also - laureate of the International Music Competition in Cyprus, 1st place (2021)

L. Rodionova was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (2012) and the Medal of the Union of Moscow Composers (2017).

Music by L. Rodionova is performed annually at the Moscow Autumn International Festival.

Her piano pieces were performed at the Lincoln Center in New York (1996), at the International Festival "Zhytomyr Musical Spring - 2012" (Ukraine), at the International Festival "Women Composers" in Colombus (USA, Mississippi) in 2017, 2018; at a concert at the University of Nashville (USA, Tennessee) in 2017; in the Cultural Center. M. Gorky in Naples (Italy) in 2019; in the Small Philharmonic Hall in Sukhumi (Abkhazia) in 2020

The compositions of L. Rodionova were performed in various cities of Russia: St. Petersburg "Sound Ways", 2006, 2007, 2008), Petrozavodsk ("Christmas Concerts" 2010, 2011), Kazan ("Europe-Asia", 2011 .), Nizhny Novgorod (Pictures at an Exhibition, 2014), Veliky Novgorod, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Cherepovets.

Lilia Rodionova participates as a musicologist in conferences and forums: Samara ("Ecology and Culture", 1996), Petrozavodsk (2000, 2010), Chelyabinsk (2016), Naples (2019), Sukhumi (2020) .).

The works of L. Rodionova are published by the publishing houses "Composer", "Music and Time", "Musician-Classic", etc.

Fragments of the Symphony for the prepared piano by L. Rodionova sounded in the television show Delicatesy, in the series Delo No. ..., and in the news of the Kultura TV channel. A voluminous program on the Doverie TV channel (2011), a number of radio programs (Orpheus, Nadezhda, People's Radio, Radio-1, Radio-Center, Blagovest ").

You can read about L. Rodionova's work in the magazines "Musical Life" (2006, No. 3), "Musician-Classic" (2006, No. 3; 2011, No. 4; 2016, No. 6), "Music and Time" (2011, No. 8; 2016, No. 6), "Music Academy" (1996, No. 2; 2011, No. 3), "Vestnik MGUKI" (2009, No. 5), "Music in Russia" (2008, No. 2), "World charm of a business woman "(2007, No. 2, Vladikavkaz)," Piano-Forum "(2017, No. 2).


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