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I tough of this perhaps I made an introduction but Hi this is deprofundis!

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perhaps you new menbers don't know me but actually I try to think I 'm a nice guys.  8)

Re Hello there !

How are yah folks
I decided to try re introducing me
I'm 44 yrs old.
I welcome new menber I,m an old yellers from montreal canada I love classical from renaissae Flemish especially, I know more Flemish than Flemish know then I know all GreatJohannes Franco-Flemish composers has no secret for me I know almost all, since I dwell in it for so long., and ancient music such 3 stage of  medieval and 5 stage of der renaissance , chants gregorian,  not in order of time I put em but you get the picture, I like the French Protestant a lot also Goudimel the great architech of sacred music, any rational humain would agree, English polyphony  is rad, I like some modern work but I am very old and very reto in my taste I'm like this.

k a rl h e nn i ng:
Glad you're here.

Dry Brett Kavanaugh:
You are making great contributions to the forum. I love Quebec!

And I was just about to put out a distress call in the "Missing Members" thread  :-*

Long may you dally here, dp!


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