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Gurban Kulyev's Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra


Roy Bland:
Heavily influenced from Turkmen  folklore

Honored active claim. TSSR (1970). He graduated from Turkm in 1941. dep. Moscow cons. by class skr. B.O.Sibora, in 1948-Moscow. cons. by class conducting, in 1971 - Tashkent cons. by class compositions.
In 1942-1944 he was an orc artist. Turkm. Philharmonic.
Since 1948 conductor, later Ch. conductor orc. bunk bed instr. Turkm. Philharmonic Society, ed. ch. muses. edition of the Committee on Radio and Television under the Council of Ministers of the TSSR. Cit .: ballet Happiness (Ashgabat, 1971); for symphony. orc. - Suite from the ballet "Happiness" (1971), Lyric Poem (1971), Concert Waltz (1974); for piano and orc. - Fantasy (1951); for orc. turkm. bunk bed instr. - Fantasy on Turkm. themes (1955), Suite for turkm. themes (1956), Solemn Overture (1957), Youth Suite (1958), Festive Suite (1972); for dutar and orc. - Fantasy (1957), Concert (1971); for skr. and f-p. - Poem (1949); for p-p. - Eight variations (1968); for electric generator - Fantasy (1964), Concert (1974); for voice and piano. - songs on the next X. Gurdova, X. Gullaeva, I. Durdyeva, T. Kasymova, A. Saryeva, T. Taganova, Ch. Shammieva and others; choirs, including Turkmenistan (lyrics by B. Dzhaparov, 1964), Song of Friendship (lyrics by B. Dzhaparov, 1970); for estr. orc. - plays, including Rhapsody (1964); music for films, including Call of the Desert (1971); arr. bunk bed melodies, songs.


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