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Looking four Box-Set Robert Carver 4CD & Robert Fayrfax 3CD at good price?


Hello dear kinds menbers of GMG and good Scottish People of Scotland, Ockay, I'm  all about Renaissance polyphony, this by now you all know, I thought that I would eventually knew it all until I discover the music of Robert Carver a Scottish renaissance composer a very good one on CORO re-issue of another label release so F good  :P you don't know, I did drool like a palvov dog I was Blowen awaylike whit Jachet DE Mantoue and Ensemble Jachet DE Mantoue.

I love ASV, the label of The Cardinal's music a fabulous ensemble, love what they done whit another great Robert, Robert Fayrfax, real love these two, they are in there own league, there music has in sacred music,  what we could call, Celestial Harmony, Angelic Cadence.

What I'm trying to says is music of pure grace & beauty, It like when you here sutch composer, for the time it last you're absent, in contemplation, very special composes of taste.

So my question is for Robert Carver box-set 4 Cd, folk, it's can be available at nasty price same goes for Robert FayrFax.

So next month if someone in montreal or near Montreal my town can bargain tham at 100 Canadian Bananas $
or what if I tell yah perhaps I can deal some of my box-set stuff Box-set CD or LP. Get in touch if you can help me out get these second hands or there you're but you don't care, I can trade you  nice vynil like I.E Mosolov 1960 russian made, and other more LP or CD, I'm polite , civilized, very nice, I'm Bilingual not whit huge accent, I hope I can find someone who can make me a deal fotr these two Box-set. I find them somewhere and I don't wont to spend 240 canadians $, it's way too much, my wallet will suffer a lot, I was thinking perhaps the release or old, someone in Baroque don't care about them anymore, can we make a deal, If you live close to montreal Honnest Buzziness?  :)


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