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Re: Georg Philipp Telemann
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Telemann's Wassermusik Overture great—you're telling me this is only one of 600 of his works in the genre?! I'll have to track down that Mühler-Brühl recording. Is it on period instruments? I have one Naxos Telemann recording, concertos with Richard Edlinger & the Capella Istropolitana. Not really HIP at all, but I like the sound of the ensemble so it's OK.

As far as I know from the Quebec TWV Catalogue, there are 138 identified Overtures (Suites). I have so far managed to accumulate 93 of them.

Wassermusik is one of my favourites, & I prefer Musica Antiqua Koln's recording of the 10 versions I have.

Another easily available fun favourite is the Alster 55F11 for 4 horns, 2 oboes, 2violins & bass, where Telemann imitates the cries of frogs in the Hamburg marshes (9 versions).

55D6  Suite for Viola da Gamba has been widely recorded (I have 9 versions).

55G10 Burlesque de Quichotte is another piece that's fun to listen to (9 versions also).

55B11 La Bourse was written about the 1720 Stock Market Crash !!!

55a2 Suite for recorder, strings & bass is the most recorded - I have over 20 versions of that.