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Ukraine: Russia plans biggest war in Europe since 1945 - Boris Johnson

While the US was busy fighting the phantoms of 9/11 and subsequently went on a course of political implosion, and while Britain was playing Little Empire, Putin was setting the stage for his 1930's playbook. After he annexed the Crimea and supported armed seperatist forces in the South East of the Ukraine, he has now ammased his troops to go for the big prise.

China is waiting in the wings to watch Western influence falter, so it can invade Taiwan and move aggressively in the South China Sea to break the political and economic resistance by the ASEAN countries against its objective of total hegemony in South East Asia.


UK scraps rich foreign investor visa scheme

Too little, too late...

The London City has played the role of Switzerland in the previous century: a safe heaven for dirty money and people with dirty hands.

I think that US retreat from Europe, the chaos at the end of Trump's presidency, the chaos and Anglo-American retreat from Afghanistan and Brexit have all encouraged Putin's expansionist plans. The self-congratulatory NATO response to 'victory' in the Cold War has only antagonised Putin. Putin may have tolerated a puppet state on Russia's borders (as in Byelorussia) but not a democratic one like current Ukraine. Putin will fear the spread on genuine democracy into Russia. I find Boris Johnson's grandstanding and mock-churchillian posturing to be nothing more than an attempt to divert attention away from his incompetent and dishonest leadership.

Olympic buddies:

Analysis: China would back Russia, diplomatically, if it moved on Ukraine

Putin unveils new gas deal with China's Xi as Moscow locks horns with the West

Western leaders worried as China joins Russia in NATO expansion row


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