Unknown title in the movie: The Red Violin (Le Violon Rouge)

Started by Karol, February 21, 2022, 03:15:31 PM

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Hello, I am new here.

I am searching for a title in the movie "The Red Violin".

On the day of Kaspers recital, he is walking with Georges to Prince Mannsfelds castle. It is at minute 40 of movie. The part of piece begins with drums and string instruments, poussin and weiss sing the beat before the piece is faded in. Unfortunately it is very short.
It reminds a bit of a passage of the opera Ernest-Modeste Grétry Richard Cœur-de-Lion (Ô Richard, ô mon roi), but somehow different, as if it were another title by the same composer.

PS: If you haven't seen the movie yet, you can google it with the keywords "123movie + the red violine"


Here's the movie soundtrack by numbers. All the music was composed by John Corigliano. You should be able to locate your title in the Track Listing. No 7 maybe ?

1.    Anna's Theme (02:50)
2.    CREMONA: Main title (02:42)
3.    CREMONA: Death of Anna (01:44)
4.    CREMONA: Birth of the red violin (03:05)
5.    CREMONA: The red violin (01:34)
6.    VIENNA: The monastery (01:06)
7.    VIENNA: Kaspar's audition / Journey to Vienna (02:38)
8.    VIENNA: Etudes / Death of Kaspar (02:48)
9.    OXFORD: The Gypsies / Journey across Europe (02:07)
10.    OXFORD: Pope's Gypsy Cadenza (01:37)
11.    OXFORD: Coitus Musicalis / Victoria's departure (04:40)
12.    OXFORD: Pope's concert (01:22)
13.    OXFORD: Pope's betrayal (03:00)
14.    SHANGAI: Journey to China (04:10)
15.    SHANGAI: People's Revolution / Death of Chou Yuan (03:15)
16.    MONTRÉAL: Morritz discovers the red violin (03:38)
17.    MONTRÉAL: Morritz's theme (01:54)
18.    MONTRÉAL: The theft (02:10)
19.    MONTRÉAL: End titles (01:46)
20.    THE RED VIOLIN: Chaconne for violin and orchestra (17:37)

Total Duration: 01:05:43


It was already checked.

The piece is not from John Coriglianos soundtrack.
Chronologically only title 7 of the soundtrack would fit, but it is a completely different title, the whole soundtrack is also in a completely different style. It has nothing to do with the piece.