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First and foremost is it noise is it music is it more somesort of sound well yes the last one is full of dark mather, like falling in a black hole, was ain't easy to does, the noise is proggy or croncrete industrial-industrialo classical , if Lugi Russolo was alive today he would agree, il Futurismo ala Deprofundis, perhaps and for sure ,If I had this Idea in mind, to make sonic devastation trought Classical, this era

So keep in mind, this his earbleeding stuff at first, was ment to emplified the bass so in a way it's dub, but it's not hahaha  :laugh:

So listen be brave, listen entirely there are progression but it's  what I coined Dead-wave & an odd form of minimalism minimalism subgenra essay on sounds we are not ready for yet perhaps inb 20 years or so.

So I dare you, needless to says this is HeadPhones listening you dont won't you're neighbors to call cops on you, trust me...

I most also confessed , that Loue Read MMM opus inspired me, but you most know.
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Renaissance Music, and in general sense, great audphile por favor: Alte musik Werks, love my NON-SUCH records collection and  espacialy my Lyricord that I'm in love whit the sound fabuleous, got lots of Holy Grails LP, Rare CD.   maybe too much, but want to stop, not materialist but enjoy music.