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--- Quote ---Perhaps we'll compare notes on Franz sometime.  8)

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Mirror Image:
Welcome aboard, Mapman! Mahler, Sibelius and Dvořák are some of my favorites as well. Looking forward to seeing you down the road.

The new erato:
Welcome, and good to se you posting.

Hello and welcome, Mapman, to this friendly forum, where I have been registered for a short time.

I also like Gustav Mahler's symphonies, my favorites being the 1st and 4th. I suppose you know the primitive version the 1st, with the Blumine movement?

Pohjolas Daughter:
Hello Mapman!  I'm also a big fan of Sibelius (note avatar) and also of Dvorak....working on Mahler (Rather slowly for the most part. lol ).

And good luck with your studies!  And perhaps DavidW might be willing to give you some advice/guidance should you be in need of any?



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