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Papy Oli:
Hello and welcome Mapman !


--- Quote from: Mapman on April 07, 2022, 03:21:54 PM ---Hi!

I'm a physics graduate student and clarinetist. I mostly like romantic to mid 20th-century music with memorable melodies. Some of my favorite composers include Mahler, Sibelius, and Dvorak. I also enjoy discovering music by more obscure composers.

I'm also introducing my girlfriend to more classical music. She's listened to all of Mahler's symphonies with me, so I think it's going well.

This forum looks fun!


--- End quote ---

Cool beans.  I'm a physics teacher and was a grad student when I first joined this forum.  I'm also a Mahlerite.  I believe Karl knows his way around the clarinet.  Welcome!

Symphonic Addict:
Welcome from me too! Those composers are favorite of mine too. Enjoy your stay here!

Thank you for all of the nice messages!

Hi Mapman, adding my welcome to those of everyone else, and how great that your girlfriend has followed you down the Mahler rabbit hole! That certainly doesn't happen every day. In any case, have a good time here.



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