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Symphonic Addict:
And welcome, Dvorakian fellow Olias!

Mirror Image:

--- Quote from: Symphonic Addict on April 13, 2022, 06:11:24 PM ---I wouldn't had imagined it was you.  ;D :P

--- End quote ---

That makes two of us! ;D

k a rl h e nn i ng:

steve ridgway:
Hello Olias. This forum may be quieter but there are enough people with overlapping tastes to keep it interesting and the lower number of members makes it easier to keep track.

Welcome! I first thought you were a returning member but there must have been another one with a Dvorak avatar in the past.
This forum here has become a bit quieter than it used to be when I joined 7 years ago but unlike the other one in its new guise it is navigable and maybe there will be a few new members bringing more "action".


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