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Welcome from Yorkshire

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I've just started to use GMG as an additional Classical Music site.

My wife, Rosalba, tells me great things of you! My chief interests are in Baroque and Early Music so it's good that we live near the Early Music Centre in York :)

Looking forward to becoming a regular on here!

steve ridgway:
Welcome to the forum. It must be great to have a centre specialising in your particular interest in the vicinity.

Mirror Image:
Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy it here.

Welcome to GMG, Autolycus, beloved spouse - and many thanks to Brewski who helped us to get here.

Hope you have a lovely time here, as it's a great place to be. xx

Welcome, Autolycus, and hope you have a good time here! (PS, you two may be the first spouse/couple members on GMG. Sorry we don't have a special prize, certificate, or something. ;D)

Glad to have you with us.



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