R.I.P. Teresa Berganza (1933 - 2022)

Started by ritter, May 13, 2022, 04:46:00 AM

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The great mezzosoprano Teresa Berganza died today in her home in San Lorenzo del Escorial near Madrid , aged 89.

One of the most distinguished singers in the Rossini and Mozart repertoire, and a noted Carmen, she had a velvety, perfectly trained voice, and a captivating personality. One of the greatest Spanish singers of the 20th century.


Here she is in one of her signature roles, Rosina from The Barber of Seville:

« ...tout cela qui prend forme et solidité, est sorti, ville et jardins, de ma tasse de thé. »


She also did some fine recordings of Spanish music, and the impressive Vivaldi Magnificat/Gloria with Muti.


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I'll forever associate her with Falla's music, but also Ravel and Debussy. RIP, Madame Berganza.


What a sad news! My God rest her in peace.

(note to Rafael: change Tersa to Teresa!)
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