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Circassian Composers


Roy Bland:

A. Nehai Sonata-Fantasy for Cello and Piano (Botvin, Kabardokov)
Scherzo tocatta for piano (Zagatlyat from the opera "Rings of Distant Thunder" by Kyasov)
A. Daurov Song of lamentation for Adiyuh (Temirkanov)
A. Daurov Sonatina for flute and piano on Adyghe themes (Peshkova, Koncheva)
A. Pys Adyghe lyrical and the dance of the Narts (Temirkanov)
D. Haup. Suite for flute and piano No. 1 (Vorobeva, Kabardokov)
D. Haupa Sonata for Kabardian harmonica (Tkhalidjokova)
Kabardok Suite for flute and piano (Vorobeva, Kabardokov)
Kabardokov Reflections on a dream poem for cello and piano (Botvin, Kabardokov)


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