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Okay now please OP, I wont my previous post on my works erased, I had harsh critic, but revamp my project, remix, re-edit,  trim, studio mixing, album has sleeve, and there is a new band on Noisy Hell Productions, rooster out of Montreal/canada. The site is totally ''better'' more serious.

P.s if you're looking for conventional music or think naively this is a: metal-head
 /punk/goth Label, IT NOT!

The label focus on:



If you're into noise stuff check my new project first, some like will like it 50% /50% won't, that is okay whit me, so please enjoy my offerings:

Lastest offering:

Than if you want something more Brutal ''guitar-laden'' my take on:
noise/sludge/doom try this:

If you're looking for ambient/industrial more subtil & abstract, like:''Film Noir'' theme works, per. se, musique-concrete, old-school indusrial what was done in early to mid 80''.

There is this:

I would like to thanks GMG: OP, MOD, for clearing informations on a former post I did, was not, profesional enought, had to admit, case solved.

Now done my best, skinned tracks I hated or useless.

I'm actively lookings for Labels interrested in CD media or LP limited pressing, whom have faith in some works... for duplication, don't have the funds to do pressing, so understand if I get 10-15% (of sales I will be more than happy, since I do have fan asking for Media CD/LP of some works of the three presented here, if interrested in a perticular project and can fund limited pressing copies whiteout financial problem, contact me, send private message thank you!!
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