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What do u think of Karaoke, dig some or not?

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Carlo Gesualdo:
Okay, I like the concept, singning some song of specific artist like Elvis ''Blue Moon' or his cover ''You were always on my mind'', did Joyt Division Decade propper respecting the ''Depresive Timbre Sonore'' quite nicely.

Why do I do Karaoke, see a language is not just about speaking or readinf and understanding, we  Francophone have a nasty accent that I try to kill practicing karaoke to embelished my English and ultimatly decapited  my rusty  zezazing accent in English like most French

Can I post my best karaoke so far on youtube please?, por favor, it's Elvis ''Blue Moon'' I have the pitch the tone, of voice, and I don't sound like a Frenchie struggling to sing in english.
v=ESznjgzY_i8&ab_channel=domblais . But I still not a good singer, very amateur yet not a tea pot, I do excellent Demis Roussos ''Quand je t'aime'' because it's in French more easier. My cover of Joy Division ''Decade is ''shocking'' I have the same type of voice since catatonic depressive.

Well, this will be one of my weirder stories.  ???

In 2003 my beloved maternal grandmother passed away, aged 97. She was awesome, and very much missed. As l was the sole professional singer in my family, naturally her children requested my services for the funeral, and of course l was happy to oblige.

At the reception afterward at my aunt's house, l noticed a petite, attractive lady spending a good amount of time staring intently at me.

This got my attention because a) I'm about as handsome as the wrong end of a dog and b), she really was an attention-getter herself. Petite, very well dressed, and had that aura which you encounter on the rarest of occasions: Here lies perfection.

I was thus intrigued, and initiated a conversation with her which resulted in her asking me out. I told her that it depended on my brother, which was true as he had driven us down for the funeral. I didn't know when he would need to head north, but l knew he was my ride home.

After conferring with my older brother, he said, " Dude, you get less action than Mr. Spock. Hit it. "

So, a couple of hours later l found myself out on a first date with my decreased grandmother's hairdresser.

She was really a nice lady, for the most part. We drove past a karaoke bar at one point, and she expressed a desire to spend some time there. l soon found myself perusing a list of available songs and picked out The Doors' People are Strange.

The dj complimented me and l thought, not bad for a first time.

I sang one more for my companion,  and then it was back to the motel.

Since my brother was in the room, we enjoyed each other's company for a while, agreed to meet again, and then she delivered the kicker:

" By the way,  l have hepatitis C. " 😱


--- Quote from: LKB on July 19, 2022, 02:16:54 PM ---" By the way,  l have hepatitis C. " 😱

--- End quote ---

 :laugh: Great story! I love the open-air confession, though.

I might be more interested in your performance of People are Strange; I don't think I have ever heard that on karaoke!  :laugh:


Mirror Image:
I did some karaoke one time and frightened every one at the party. Needless to say, I never did karaoke again. :D


--- Quote from: Mirror Image on July 19, 2022, 07:34:43 PM ---I did some karaoke one time and frightened every one at the party. Needless to say, I never did karaoke again. :D

--- End quote ---

Well, l expect you have a lot of company here at gmg...

For my part, the crowd seemed to approve of The Doors' song. They certainly were less enthusiastic regarding my rendition of God Bless America, which little Ms. Hepatitis insisted l sing afterward.  ::)


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