Little Symphony

Started by KevinP, October 06, 2022, 08:36:40 PM

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This was inspired by Milhaud's series of six little symphonies. This was scored for four woodwinds (with doublings on English horn and bass clarinet), harp and chamber strings, although the sample library here is a full contingent of strings.

Three movements, and the whole work clocks in at just shy of three minutes.


Very nice! A charming miniature chamber symphony, and actually reminds me as much of early Holmboe as Milhaud. Would be nice to hear it realized by human players, of course, but even a more realistic-sounding rendering as this one does sound very MIDI-ish. I'll bet NotePerformer could really bring out the string sound.

Karl Henning

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Thanks for the kind words!

I had a different plan for the third movement, which was to make a movement with only winds, and then another other one (different key, tempo and metre) with strings and harp, then merge them together. It didn't quite work as envisioned, so I added some strings to the wind movement and called it a day. I know why it didn't work, but this was a case of 'get it right next time.' The end result, though, is the finale sounding at odds, tonally, with the first two.