Anyone with a Casio Privia or other electronic keyboard?

Started by Dungeon Master, November 26, 2022, 04:18:51 PM

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Dungeon Master


I play piano, and we have an upright that I practice on. I want to get into practicing more but it is a bit noisy and disruptive for the rest of the family (especially with my poor playing).

Looking to get an electronic full-size keyboard so I can do my practice with headphones. The newer Casio Privia (5000, 6000 and 7000) look good and the reviews of the keyboard mechanism sound like it replicates the feel of a proper piano.

Does anyone have experience with these models? Or are there other models they can recommend?

My criteria are good keyboard feel, good to excellent sample quality for 1-3 pianos. Harpsichord and organ would be a bonus but not essential. Not interested in other synth sounds, drumbeats, recording, loops etc


You may want to look into a MIDI-controller that you can plug into your computer and will give you many different pianos as well as organs with complete control over the stops, etc. But once you're looking at an 88-key controller (rather than a smaller one), you probably won't be saving any money. But having a single organ patch with no ability to alter the sound in any meaningful way (as on my piano) is kind of worthless.

Any good midi controller will come with a ton of sounds, and you can download new ones--some free, some costly.

So it may not be an ideal option for you. I'd say the most important factor is how much you want to be able to expand the software.

With some pianos, you can control the miking, with close, medium and room mics that you can mix and match, plus you can use different types of mics. Or you can change the piano model.

Too much control? That's for you to decide, but with a dedicated digital piano, you're stuck with the sounds it comes with.

(Don't remember what my digital piano is, and anyway it's too old to be helpful information.)