Hi I am Philip, chopin helps me focus aha

Started by Philip-thepianist, February 08, 2023, 11:48:06 PM

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   Hi, fellow Classical Music Festival Goers! I'm working on a school project that involves building a site about classical music festivals locally. I've been brainstorming different (attainable!) tricks that I could use to inform the public about current and upcoming classical music festivals, events and performances in general, but I'd love to hear any new suggestions.

If you have a moment, help me come up with some ideas, or take a look at what I've come up with already.
Here is the link to my school project website for this


PS: It is a poorly done website and our class is getting us to set up our online presence first. Making the website alot better comes last.


Hey, welcome to the forum! What are your favorite Chopin pieces?

Karl Henning

Karl Henning, Ph.D.
Composer & Clarinetist
Boston MA
[Matisse] was interested neither in fending off opposition,
nor in competing for the favor of wayward friends.
His only competition was with himself. — Françoise Gilot

Papy Oli