Started by MarkMcD, March 08, 2023, 06:42:35 AM

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Hello all,

I've not posted anything for quite a while but the other day, sat at the piano, this happened!

Well, sort of.........It took a few days editing and moulding into shape but I'm pleased with where it is now even though it's quite short and I may want to expand it or encorporate it into something else at a later date.

Ninlil is the Mesopotamian Goddess of the winds.  She is the wife of Enlil, the father of the Gods and her domain is the sky.

This is her in one of her more gentle moods.......mostly!

Hope you like it.


Nice! Reminded me a little of Keith Jarrett in places... and in the improvisatory quality of much of it.


Thank you Krummholz, I really appreciate it.  I might have to have a listen to some Keith Jarrett, I've not had the pleasure thus far.

Kind regards