Dallas Symphony 2023-24

Started by Brian, March 10, 2023, 08:07:59 AM

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Lots of cool stuff coming up!

Chronological by concert, some of the highlights:

the live movie with orchestral accompaniment is Amadeus
Barber Toccata Festiva + Hailstork "JFK: The Last Speech" (new commission)
Antheil Jazz Symphony
Ukraine night with Kirill Karabits conducting Victoria Poleva and Anna Korsun (plus R. Strauss)
Akutagawa Triptyque + Britten Piano Concerto
Sibelius En Saga + Violin Concerto + Symphony 5 in one program
Schmidt Book with Seven Seals, complete
Anna Clyne Piano Concerto (world premiere) + Mahler 5
Wagner Das Rheingold and Die Walküre complete on back-to-back nights
Casella Symphony No. 2 (!!)
Prokofiev Piano Concerto 2 + Walton Symphony 1 with Vasily Petrenko

Plus a solo recital in March '24 with Daniil Trifonov doing the Hammerklavier.


Wow, "Go Dallas." Some serious stuff coming up, very impressive.

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