Orchestral music from Adyghea

Started by Roy Bland, March 30, 2023, 06:42:37 PM

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Roy Bland

The first part of the project "Anthology of Adyghe symphonic music of 1922-2022" has been released

     Company "International Youth Center of Musical Art" with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, in partnership with the St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov and composer Artyom Pys, completed work on the first part of the project "Anthology of Adyghe symphonic music of 1922-2022".
     The project team managed to do a great job of restoring rare manuscripts, arranging, typing, rehearsing and performing a whole layer of music created in Adygea and, finally, recording it on sound media.
     The result of this work - a double CD - can be seen, held in hands and, most importantly, listened to. The huge corpus of music that was written on the territory of Adygea in the first half of the 20th century has been preserved and immortalized.
     The importance of this event cannot be overestimated, because now everyone will be able to get acquainted with the origins and first experiences of writing national academic music, and students of music schools and students of colleges and universities will have the opportunity to do this already in the learning process.
     Thanks to the project "Anthology of Adyghe symphonic music of 1922-2022", the sound context has been restored, helping to understand the academic musical heritage of the Republic. Important pages in the history of the Adyghe musical culture become tangible and accessible for wide acquaintance not only in the Republic, but also beyond its borders.
     Over the next few months, the project team will talk in detail about how this work was implemented at a specially organized presentation in the city of Maykop, and you can already hear the restored and recorded compositions on the project website https://circassianmusic.ru

The Republic of Adygea (/ˌɑːdɪˈɡeɪə/;[11] Adyghe: Адыгэ Республик, Adıgə Respublik; Russian: Республика Адыгея, romanized: Respublika Adygeya), also known as the Adyghe Republic, is a republic of Russia. It is situated in the North Caucasus of Eastern Europe. The republic is a part of the Southern Federal District, and covers an area of 7,600 square kilometers (2,900 sq mi), with a population of roughly 496,934 residents.[7] It is an enclave within Krasnodar Krai and is the fifth-smallest Russian federal subject by area. Maykop is the capital and the largest city of Adygea, home to one-third of the republic's population.

Adygea is one of Russia's ethnic republics, primarily representing the indigenous Circassian people that form 25% of the Republic's population, while Russians form a majority at 60%, and with minority populations of Armenians and Ukrainians. The official languages of Adygea are Adyghe and Russian


@Roy Bland

Very interesting, thank you for sharing Roy. I wonder if this recording and the future upcoming ones will eventually be commercially available for purchase?

The sound samples were interesting!


Roy Bland