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Re: Sir William Walton
« Reply #600 on: August 02, 2020, 02:43:34 AM »
Lately, I have been listening to these Viola Concerto recordings by teachers and student. Though the Imai/Latham-Koenig album is largely forgotten or unknown, it’s a fine album. The performance of London Phil is lively and colorful. I like it a lot. Nobuko Imai’s performance is excellent too, but just sometimes the volume of her viola becomes too small. I guess the microphone was too distant and/or she moved away from the mic, and the mixer did not fix the volume of viola. Still, her performance and tone remain fairly gorgeous. The Variation Hindemith in the album is a little more relaxed than that of Szell. Latham-Koenig let the music breath and the LPO’s performance presents a wider scope and vividness. While I like the sharpness/energy of Szell’s Variation, the picturesque presentation by LK/LPO is very attractive.

I heard that David Aaron Carpenter studied with several fine violists, including Imai and Bashmet. The Concerto in his album is excellent with a fine performance by the LPO/Jurowski. Carpenter has an attractive deep, fat tone. In terms of performance of viola exclusively, this set could arguably be the best album I have listened. At least, his performance could rival Bashmet well. As for the orchestras, however, I slightly prefer the Previn/Bashmet set. Overall, all the three disks are excellent albums, I think.
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