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Started by bonzo75, May 16, 2023, 12:51:50 AM

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Hi all,

My first post here. Normally I am active on many "audiophile gear" forums.

Before the pandemic, I averaged approx. 50 concerts a year in London. Living centrally, it was easy to visit Barbican, Southbank (3 halls there), Wigmore Hall, King's Place. My favorite is the Sheldonian at Oxford, a hall built in the 1600s. I stay clear of the Proms due to poor acoustics at Royal Albert Hall (though the acoustics here are good for amplified music). Occasionally go to Royal Opera House. Have visited European halls on trips, such as concertgebouw, etc.

I used to travel to listen and understand gear, do analog gear compares. Back in 2018 I met a vinyl collector, and there began my education of older performances, recordings, comparing originals to re-issues on various labels. I got sucked in, and now my hobby has shifted more to recordings.

I came upon this forum reading various reviews of older performances. I listened to many of them on youtube while reading, though I would like to meet people with vinyl to compare performances.

I am doing more compares of Moteux, Klemperer, Szell, Solti, Reiner, Ansermet, Heifetz, Oistrakh, Kogan, Annie Fisher, Backhaus, Curzon, Arrau, etc and their associated pressings.

I am not adept on writing on music as some of you. I do have a few videos playing good music on various systems that I recorded over the phone, which I will share with you.

In the meantime, vinylphiles in and around London, please do get in touch.



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Hello Bonzo and welcome to the GMG forum!  :)


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Welcome to the forum, nice to meet you! :)
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Welcome, bonzo75! Haven't been to London in years, but the classical music scene there is mightily impressive. I regularly tune in to livestreams at Wigmore Hall, and hope to get there in person some day. (And sonic caveat about Royal Albert Hall noted.)

In any case, welcome again and have a great time here.

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On my last trip to the UK I got to listen to the Messiah on Good Friday and I didn't find the RAH acoustics too bad. However, the more intimate places like Wigmore (where I heard Perahia play) the Barbican and the QE hall provide a much better experience.



Queen Elizabeth is actually not as good as the adjoining Purcell hall. I did see Sheku Keneth Mason perform a quartet there last month, and Shiff do Beethoven concerts a few months ago. The Shiff was disappointing in sonics.

My Easter special is the Bach St Matthaus passion when one can, this year I watched at Sheldonian in Oxford


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