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Started by (poco) Sforzando, June 23, 2023, 07:48:20 PM

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(poco) Sforzando

Hello, friends. I am clearing out some duplicates from my music library. All items free, shipping worldwide, you pay only for the packaging and shipping. PM with the titles you want and your shipping address. I can take Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle. Offer expires July 15, 2023, after which all unclaimed items will be donated to a local library. No refunds or returns.

Jan Caeyers - Beethoven, A Life, excellent

Mini-study scores
Beethoven, Piano Concerto 3, fair
Beethoven, Late Quartets, fair
Berlioz, King Lear Overture, excellent
Honegger, Symphony 5 di tre re, fair
Mozart, Violin Concerto #3 in G 216, fair
Mozart, Concerto for 2 Pianos 365, good
Nielsen, Helios Overture, good
Prokofiev, Overture on Hebrew Themes, good
Prokofiev, Symphony 6, fair
Schoenberg, Quartet 3, excellent
Schubert, Quartet in A minor, fair
Schubert, Unfinished Symphony, good
Shostakovich, Trio op. 67, good
Stravinsky, Three Pieces for String Quartet, good
Tchaikovsky, Piano Concerto 2, good
Tippett, Fantasia on a theme by Corelli, excellent
Weber, Jubel Overture, fair
Webern, Concerto op. 24, fair

Large scores
Beethoven, Variations for Piano, 2 vols., fair
Beethoven, Wellington's Victory, excellent
Beethoven-Mendelssohn-Tchaikovsky violin concertos, excellent
Brahms, German Requiem, excellent
Chopin, Ballades, 2 copies, one fair, one excellent
Chopin, Etudes, fair
Chopin, Impromptus, fair
Chopin, Nocturnes, excellent
Chopin, Waltzes, fair
Franck, Symphony, excellent
Mendelssohn, Three Etudes and Scherzo, fair
Strauss, Till Eulenspiegel, excellent
Torke, Bright Blue Music, excellent
Varèse, Deserts, good
My Favorite Repertoire Album (piano), good
"I don't know what sforzando means, though it clearly means something."

(poco) Sforzando

"I don't know what sforzando means, though it clearly means something."