Scotorum Tempestas -- symphony no 17?

Started by lunar22, January 24, 2024, 03:44:16 AM

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I put a question mark in the title on purpose. Just completed a work which was originally planned purely as a description of the fickle Scottish weather. The three movements 1. Storms and sunshine, 2. Fog and Ice and 3. Spring breezes, were supposed to be self-contained as Scotland lacks what most people would define as a summer. However, after a couple of weeks break, I then decided to add a "Simmer Dim" movement which refers to the not fully dark nights in June. I also got the feeling that the tight thematic integration with everything based on a handful of motifs stated at the outset, the division into four conventional movements plus the fact the piece at times reaches quite a high dramatic and emotional level does in some respects qualify it as a symphony so it's provisionally listed as such on my Reelcrafter site.

But I would be interested to hear whether those few who manage to find the time to listen to this feel this as more of a suite than a symphonic work?


I liked how it started with unique use of colors and textures in the piece, particularly enjoying the "Fog and Ice" movement for its distinct atmosphere.  I found it chilly.  I believe incorporating greater contrast between movements could enhance its overall impact, lending it a more symphonic feel than suite because I see what you mean, it seems like impressions.  Giving it a clearer sense of direction and development as it progresses would also help it feel like a single work building.  A good comparison might be the work of late Scriabin, which masterfully balances rhapsodic elements with clear structure such as Ecstasy that starts mysteriously and builds to a tremendous climax.


yes, I feel there are more contrasts within movements than between movements in the same way that Scottish weather changes more from day to day --or hour to hour -- than over the year. In this sense what I've done is not particularly symphonic, I'd have to agree. I've never really been able to get into Scriabin so it's unlikely I'd learn anything there.

Anyway, thanks for listening and your perceptive comments.