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Started by Dungeon Master, February 13, 2024, 06:57:10 PM

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Dungeon Master

Hi all

I have been tinkering with the server and the latest forum software. PHP 8.2 and SMF 2.1.4

I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have fixed the Search function.

Previously search function did not return searches from within chosen boards or topics for regular members, but did so for Admin. I have trouble testing this because I am admin.

Can some regular members confirm or deny that the search function at the top right of the forum, as well as the Advanced Search function in the menu bar can now return results from selected Boards and Topics?



Searching still doesn't work for me.


I tried three searches off the Main Menu
--"Ozawa" in the Great Recordings board gave me a number of results which all contained the name Ozawa and none which didn't.
--"Ozawa" in The Diner board did the same.
--"Shazam" in the General Classical Music Discussion board yielded two posts that included the term Shazam, and a number of posts that contained nothing that might suggest the term, and two which contained cover art images that included the name Schumann but had no text.

Make of that what you can.

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BTW, possibly because I use Chrome for Android, I see no Search function in the upper corner. I can only do it via the Main Menu.

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

steve ridgway

iPad Safari -

Search within topic doesn't work for me.

Search entire forum is working.

Search by selected board is working.

Search this board is working if displaying the board thread list although if currently reading a thread it shows results from other boards as well.


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Searching entire forum seems to work for me.


"Show Results As Posts" appears to be the source of a problem. I just searched for a specific thing a specific person said last week, and it came up if I did not check that box, but did not come up if I checked that box.