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I got this French film from Netflix because my niece saw it and want to know what some of the classical vocal pieces used in it were (one of the characters in the film's a voice student).  Not bad.


That is one funny/brutal movie. I'm not exactly a laughing man, but i LMAO the whole time. Gotta rent that movie again!

I watched both "Jesus of Nazareth" and "The Passion" this week. Overall I found "Jesus..." to be the overall better film. Mel Gibson overdid the "falling" portion of the Mass.

I must comment that I enjoyed the portion of the actual "Passion" much more when I watched it with the sound off and the "Missa Solemnis" Kyrie and Sanctus playing instead.

Couple of Netflix rentals the last few nights:

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) w/ Uma Thurman & Luke Wilson - well, I like Uma, but this film just couldn't keep my interest (probably just gave it an OK on Netflix); now OTOH, watching her in The Producers did hold my interest to the very end -  :P :D  (Even bought the movie, although the original is unbeatable!)

The Protector (2006) w/ Tony Jaa et al - not sure how to even describe this flick - martial arts, save the endangered species, hurray for elephants, and even comedic - the 'bone-crushing' scenes esp. at the end were ridiculous but kept your interest (hope they had an orthopedic clinic nearby!) - but I must say that watching Jaa 'in action' was impressive; so, if you like these 'martial arts' films, then worth a watch -  :)


Good to know you loved my topic this much.  :)


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