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you should be a detective


--- Quote from: facehugger on April 06, 2007, 03:33:20 PM ---you should be a detective

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In many ways our friend SonicMan is just that.

Elvis Presley movies - do you like any of them?  If so, which are your favorites?

I own nearly 1000 DVDs (3/4 purchased; 1/4 'burned' to DVD-R), but own only one Elvis film, Follow That Dream - why?  Well, it is from '62, he was playing a comedic role, the supporting cast was good (including Arthur O'Connell), and the film is just fun to watch for me; I have a number of earlier movies coming from Netflix, the first watched last night was Flaming Star (1960).

Of course, those '50s films are probably some of his best, i.e. Jailhouse Rock (1957) - but take a look at the list of his films (30+) on the IMDB Site - any favorites?   :D


'Debbie Does Dallas"
"Behind the Green Door"

Neither will ever win an "Oscar", but they were fairly stimulating :)

you guys got to watch this movie
Beijing Bicycle, one of the better movies i have seen in months


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