"Second Chance" Recordings

Started by Renfield, September 09, 2007, 06:47:13 PM

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Seeing as a lot of us in this forum collect many - or even vast amounts of -  alternative recordings of certain works, I was wondering:

Is there a particular recording (or more) that you distinctly remember being unimpressed with at first listen, yet came to appreciate and/or be impressed by, after eventually giving it a second chance?

Note that I am more referring to recordings you've let lie for weeks, months or years before coming back to. Also, this is about new recordings of works you do know, not discoveries of new repertory. ;)

For example, the (Carlos) Kleiber Beethoven 5th/7th I began to appreciate after giving a second chance to almost a year from the day I decided it wasn't to my taste. Though not to say it's become my favourite recording of the works...

But much like the Karajan/WPO "New World", which a recent discussion in another thread prompted me to return to, I found in it many more qualities to appreciate than previously!

Your own "second chance" recordings? :)


Surely more than a dozen, but to the best of my memory, I kept only two. Horowitz Scarlatti and Du Pre Elgar.


Vegh's Beethoven QTs

Many of my Richter CDs



Quote from: DavidW on September 10, 2007, 03:43:53 AM
Boulez's Mahler recordings.

I'm impressed.

I have only recently began to warm to Boulez' cool view of Mahler. It is those elements that Hurwitz hates: the clarity and attention to detail!


Quote from: George on September 10, 2007, 02:38:28 AM
Many of my Richter CDs

This I can definitely identify with!

(Incidentally, my connection was down for a few days, so I just read all the replies. Anyone else? :))