Author Topic: Matthias Pintscher (b. 1971)  (Read 501 times)

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Matthias Pintscher (b. 1971)
« on: February 17, 2021, 09:27:57 AM »
Also renowned as a conductor, Matthias Pintscher has gained fame as a composer, such as this latest example, written for violinist Leila Josefowicz, La Linea Evocativa (2020) A Drawing for Violin Solo.

The livestream below (broadcast on Feb. 16) also includes Bach's Partita No. 2 in D minor (and equally well done):

More on Pintscher here:

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Re: Matthias Pintscher (b. 1971)
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2021, 12:47:48 PM »
I own a number of recordings of Pintscher the composer, but I have been underwhelmed. His influences are clear, but he lacks some kind of original and engaging touch beyond those influences.