Author Topic: Mini-blind comparison: Shostakovich Quartet No.8  (Read 3362 times)

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Re: Mini-blind comparison: Shostakovich Quartet No.8
« Reply #20 on: June 30, 2017, 07:30:08 AM »
aukhawk, Thanks for running this. I only got halfway through when you finalized, then with the pressure off I took even longer to listen to the other half.

#7 (Sorrel) was my hands-down favorite, but I can see how the rather abrasive tone might be polarizing. I’m listening to the full work now on spotify.

The Borodin recording Jeffrey Smith linked is indeed different. It’s from 1990, originally on Virgin. It does have the same personnel, though. This discography shows 7 different studio recordings by them! (Plus 2 live ones.)

ETA: anything that was on Virgin is now branded as Erato, or maybe Warner.

I do think the Sorrels is special.  You may find a good price for the set.  The Piano Quintet from the same cycle is also one of the best IMHO.  (It was a toss-up for me whether to do SQ8 or the Quintet for a mini-blind, I could have done either.)

Yes the Brodsky recording is the one originally on Teldec.

Are you sure that's not the same as No.5?  That is an EMI CD in my collection, but it is also marked Melodiya and the notes give the date as 1978 (though the EMI (re)release was 1985 I think, coupled with the Quintet, Richter on piano, what a waste, it's not exactly a virtuoso part). 
Calling snyprrr !!! for his in-depth knowledge of the Borodins recordings.  ;)
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