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Sergei Taneyev's Tent of Twirbling Tones

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I could not find the previous Taneyev topic, so here is a new one.

Allow me to comment on the new CD with the Taneyev Symphonies 1 and 3 now available on CHANDOS with Polyansky conducting.

The First Symphony is a student work apparently composed when Tchaikovsky was advising Taneyev.  The work begins rather powerfully, with a memorable dramatic theme.  This movement, along with the last, makes the symphony worthwhile: they connect nicely, while I found the slow movement much too abrupt, and the scherzo repetitious, giving in perhaps to Tchaikovsky's tendency to overdo the antiphony.

The Third Symphony is a mature work, and while unfortunately not in the same league thematically as the Second and Fourth Symphonies it still is worthwhile, if only for the last two movements.  There is a struggle in the opening movements, as if a very slightly Russified Schumann or Schubert were struggling against the vapors, trying to clear the mind, and then finally obtaining a Romanovian Enlightenment in the slow movement and finale.

If you are skeptical of Taneyev, this CD might only confirm your skepticism, so better to go to the other 2 symphonies first.  If you are a devotaneyev already, yes, you must buy this!    0:)

I need some help with Taneyev SQs,... ha, his chamber music in general!

Northern Flowers has released 5 Vols. of the TaneyevQuartet's cycle, which, I don't think has ever been available.

Taneyev wrote his first SQ the same year Brahms wrote his Op.67. The student then later wrote 1 + 2 more large scale works before beginning his cycle proper in 1890.

d minor (1876; not counted)

Eb (1880)
C, A (1883)

No1 (Bb minor; 1890)

No.2 (C; 1895)
No.3 (d minor; 1896)

No.4 (a minor; 1899)

No.5 (A; 1903)

No.6 (Bb; 1906)

unfinished (c minor; 1911)

All I know is that all are big big pieces, and, of course, taneyev's reputation here is that of being the Russian heir to Brahms, or, haha, the Russian Brahms. I've heard he's not the most humable composer ever, preferring to work out his mvmts in utmost rigorous style. Apparently, No.2 is alone on Vol.5, so, I wonder if it's larger than the rest, a super monster? No.3 is in two mvmts (in d minor; second mvmt variations,...que Myaskovsky No.3!).

I know they get progressively more "whatever", but I wonder WHAT kind of a minor the a minor quartet is. Is it dark, or just rigorous? Is there a particularly awesome SQ? Or beautiful? Are the all just so good you have to get all (please no ::))? What is the dillio of these works, yo?

And, while we're at it, I had the Piano Quintet a long time ago. I must have found it too much at the time. Then there's the Piano Trio in D that's supposed to be the big thing. And, there's a Piano Quartet in there somewhere. Anyone interested here?

Seriously, don't make me check out these SQs on my own!! :-*

oh, and btw- Cato,... would you be averse to changing the thread title to something, uh...more,. uh,...noble? ::) :-[ :-* Taneyev's Trudging Turgidness?? Taneyev's Tarmac? Taneyev's Tea Time? Taneyev's Tinkle Room?

I think the thread title is brilliant as it is.  8)

PS. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the string quartets. Any relevant answers are eagerly anticipated.

The CD below is excellent (the Overture is a great work - very powerful stuff) - I also like symphonies 2 and 4.

I'm a Taneyev's fan and have nearly all his chamber works.On his SQ, No.1 and 2 (not his first and second composed) are my favorites. Have also his string quintet and his string trios. All are from very good to extraordinary IMHO. And do not forget his huge Suite
for violin and orch.


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