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Are you regularly reading classical music magazine(s) and if so, which one(s)?
What do think of them - what are their weaknesses & strenghts?

What websites do you consult for good reviews of recordings?

We have members from all over the world, so this thread is NOT restricted to magazines & sites in English!
I'm personally open to recommendations of magazines & sites in English, German or French.

I read myself Gramophone - a British magazine.
Strong point is it's comprehensiveness and some reputable reviewers, on the other hand it doesn't bely its Britishness...

Any comments on its (also British) competitor International Record Review?

EDIT: I've widened the scope of this thread to online sources for reviews!
they after all serve the same purpose. :)


I'll pick up Gramophone occasionally but its British bias can be a huge turn-off. I used to read Fanfare but less so now that I have cut way back on buying recordings; I think my favorite reviews were in there. American Record Guide is a bit too eccentric for me.

Nowadays, I'll peek at Classics Today every so often.

Otherwise, I just read this forum.  ;D

Fanfare is great, although I cannot afford it these days, both because of its own cost and because it inevitably fertilizes desires to buy more CD's, which I also cannot afford and have no room for!   :o

Gramophone is good, if you factor in the bias, but I found that I am not reading much beyond the reviews, leaving 2/3rds of the magazine wasted - not good value at all, I may stop getting it soon.

That would be the Gramophone, of course, and the monthly JPC magazine, a few German magazines, but on a irregular basis, and many friends all over the world, send me interesting cuttings from local magazines, or even cd's if they think it worth my while.


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