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I have been subscribing to many of the magazines mentioned plus lots of internet sites and have just about every piece of music from all the major composers I need including many versions of many of them.  I have reached the point where I am searching for minor classical, romantic, modern and even baroque composers.  When does a love for music become a compulsion.  I truly at least like and quite often love my collection of music but have I gone too far with it?  Making a choice sometimes is difficult as is what to buy next or should I give up my magazine subscriptions as in see nothing want nothing but then again. I might discover some more interesting music.

The only mag I subscribe to is Fanfare, and I love it.  If you can't afford it and have a well stocked magazine store near you, you might want to annually get just their November/December issue, in which each of their reviewers list up to five issues from the previous year that they think are the best of the year.  Most of them cheat a bit and write a narrative indentifying the also-rans that they finally cut to get it down to five.  I lso read reviews here and at Classical Music Guide, and @ Amazon.  If you are a regular @ Amazon, you will find a few reviewers that are as good and knowledgeable as any of the pros, and after a while, you will recognize them by their names or monikers.


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