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So I will tell ya my interrest these days, an ensemble I use to dislike a lot, an ensemble I would  not pay attention since I would be  always disaponted, Ensemble Clément Janequin lead by Dominique Visse, did not like there Missa Pangue Lingua of Josquin even if it featured also ensemble Organum & Marcel Pérès ?

But I discovered the force of Ensemble Clément Janequin would remain in French Chanson genre obviously.

What led me to this conclusion is the fact  that I bought six CD's on Ebay a mix Batch they were a CD of Janequin (the composer) La Chasse et autres Chansons, by Ensemble Clément Janequin,  featuring  Guillaume Morlaye, Adrian Le Roy and Janequin released in 1988, I was like darn this is good.

Eventually it leaded me to investigated Ensemble Clément Janequin in the depth more so , Order Clément Janequin, Le Chant des Oiseau  album, that was a good decent album, yet to forge an opinion I needed more recording stumble on a cheap to buy  and out of print box-set: Anthologie de la Chanson Polyphonique song of French Renaissance by same affored mention ensemble 3 CDs, Anthoine de Bertrand: Amours de Ronsard (a notorious French Poet), the one I am  listening right now, that is very good, the  second CD called Claude Le Jeune a French Protestant composer called: Meslanges Chansons et Fantaisie de viols whit ensemble Les Eléments, than the third album is Fricassée Parisienne an album of mix French Chanson whit mix composers of the era. I know this album I use to have it in a lousy download, now I have it.

One thing one should understand, is some ensemble are better in specific genre and real good, I.e  Ensemble Clément Janequin for French Chansons. I've could had said the same about other ensembles.

Look at Ensemble Diabolus In musica, now sorry dear folks of this ensemble I was often disapointed whit result but they most have good release and specific strenghts?

Beside this don't want to bash them too mutch. I heard QUE on an Ockeghem release he find great and I beleive him. Have a great day folks.

Love their latest Dufay - Missa Avé Regina Celorum. It’s less less muscular and more sweet and lyrical than their normal stuff, which suits me perfectly.

The Ciconia too is well worth a butchers.

Dear fellas of GMG that I love, I most share whit you what I just order, the LP is mint and it's Capella Cordina not the re-release on arion but original pressing of 1974, now that sexy hey, the sleeve is deap pale purple acolor I like usually of the 70'', the sleeve of Capella Cordina are always a big plus, may I say top notch and who  here can resist these dense robust thick sion of LP that make an awesome sounds thus said even for it's time,.

Had it in download buck heck it's the original LP  The Florentine renaissance, whit the great thee first emitator of Franco-Flemish in Italy, this is one of these composer that you will suffer find some in CD complete CD, perhaps lousy low fidelity streaming , no gorgeously attractive mauve sleeve and midle of LP, I'm impress, the devild were prada, the devil is meticuleous, the devil a woman, lol , just kidding honnest, I'm meticuleous for detail almost all and al, sleeve condition ,color use , art, purticular ensemble & director. year it's been publish, the label that release it, perhaps more not full of darn lousy sticker you can pul out in rick of damaging the sleeve, sometime these dummy put them on center of vynil of write on vynil, enought ot get you exceded and upset just relatively so.

What about other detail well the notes insdes or on sleeve, no scratch this is obvious.

Are you meticuleous moreso than a woman when buying record and demand excellenece! mint! sweetness.

And to return to the subject did Layolle other work were publish outside Capella Cordina ? Aléjandro Planchart fabuleous, quite brilliant director I honnor my Lyricord or my favorite you can bet on this, that in In music of the Kingdom of Burgundy (La Bourgonde) vf- french.

I f I lie quality thick  volimineux great hi-fi sound for renaissance than, what should be my favorite Label Perhaps Caliope LP pretty shure they have good awesome renaissance stuff in LP, has a man of taste , please tell me folks ean ensemble that rival Capella Cordina in Geneous, durinf 60''-early 70'' whit a good decent label, perhaps Eterna the Eastern Germany R.D.A release has stuff to offer, worth to check out.

Anyway this wax my ''salade du chef of thoughtS, please contributed of elabored on Francesco Layolle please on my composers post, little favor, I ask the one that care, for musicology accademic sake, any other  almost unknow was done in European country?

Thankyou so much for understanding or caring, Francesco Layolle is a new name for me so far even if I had it streaming, I have a little dose of dislike for the sound compared to LP wich I really like.

Farewell than, lateron , and thank you for reading or responding,  or elaborated on other firstly Italian Franco-Flemish Imitators?

One recording I find very excellent, well done, just perfect, perhaps a triumph for director Jeremy Summerly and the roses consort, awesome varied music here  of different composers of the era of  Bruegel, it's Called Bruguel and music of it's time.

For those who can listen to the BBC,  Hannah French uncovers the amazing story of a 15th-century songbook rediscovered in 2014 -- familiar to us -- the Leuven Chansonnier


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