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Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) - Bicentennial Celebration!

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It just came to me that i don't have anything by Mendelssohn. I listened to a vocal work (probably psalm 42) of his on the radio and it sounded good, in a Bach-like style.

Which are considered to be some of his best works?

71 dB:
Mendelssohn is an undervalued composer imo.

He was a brilliant oratorio composer (Eliah, Paulus)

His Octet Op. 20 is a chamber masterpiece (Get the stunning Naxos disc with Bruch's octet)

If you like string orchestra music with baroque-like energy his String Symphonies are very enjoyable.

Violin Concerto Op. 64 is an essential concerto.

His symphony #4 "Italian" is a true orchestral warhorse, filled with tunes you're sure to find familiar and quite invigorating. Many superb versions of it are out there (Stokowski, Szell, and various others come to mind), but none I've ever heard surpasses Van Beinum/Concertgebouw in a splendid mono (but hi-fi) recording from the early '50s. I've cherished my LP copies for at least two decades, but it's hard to find in CD form unless one frequents the Japanese online stores.

Much of Mendelssohn's chamber music is beautifully rewarding. Seek it out and sample whatever you find.

Enjoy the hunt.



P.S: There seems to be another recording with Argerich and Kremer with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra that everyone raves about. Never
heard of it, but this rendition from Concerto Koln and 2 top notch soloists in the period instrument performance scene is more than necessary.

This is my essential Mendelssohn list, as for the symphonies, they are so well written that one can barely go wrong with any interpretation. For solo piano works, the Song without Words is probably essential along with smaller pieces like the Rondo Capriccioso in E minor Op.14. I am not familiar with those. Hope this helps.




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