Mahler - Third and Fourth Symphonies

Started by Heather Harrison, April 06, 2007, 11:47:37 AM

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I think Chailly with the KCO is one of the best as far as the 3d concerned. This whole set of the symphonies is outstanding, great sound. In another thread I mentioned the last movement of the third as one of the most beautiful adagio's I know.

By the way Heather, did you know that Mahler quotes Beethoven in this wonderful adagio of the 3td symphony (Beethoven, String Quartet 16 op. 135 3. Lento assai)?


Don Giovanni

Who was it that described the ending of the penultimate movement of the 4th as 'the opening of the gates of heaven'?


Does he do anything that's not so tasteless ?


Quote from: Christi on November 27, 2008, 04:37:02 PM
Does he do anything that's not so tasteless ?
Whoa! Christi said something that makes sense  ;D


I've never heard the 3rd but have heard a lot of 4ths. The key to the 4th is not just the conductor but the soprano, who many think should sound like a child (but I don't necessarily agree)

So here are the versions that I would recommend with the following caveats:

Best child like voice - Netania Devrath

Best first three movments - (the 4th movement with Judith Raskin ruins the whole performance - Szell

My two top choices:

Bruno Walter

..and Walter Klemperer