Ballet by Duato

Started by uffeviking, April 18, 2007, 10:49:33 AM

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A friendly poster had recommended on the retired GMG forum I should watch performances by the Compañia Nacional de Danza - sorry, Sir I forgot your log-on name and can't find you with search either! - Anyhow, yesterday afternoon I was fascinated by the dancers of this ensemble.

The choreographer and artistic director of the company, Nacho Duato, studied for nine years with the famous Dutch choreographer Jiri Kylian and other European choreographers, planned on studying in New York but was denied the Green Card so he decided to return to his native Spain. The Ministerio de Educatión y Cultura offered him to work with their Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y do Musica and he established in 1990 the Compañia. With the release if the Image DVD I hope he and his company will become well known, not only in Europe, but by all other ballet fans world wide.

I quote from the jewel case cover: "His inventive choreography is earthly, sensual and emotive, with an underlying passion that often rises unabashedly to the surface." I second that assessment, plus add my own praise and applause. The segment Duende, danced to Debussy, is brilliant and the bodily control of the dancer's movements incredibly beautiful.

Costumes contribute much to the effect of the pieces, mostly ankle-length expansive full, two-layered skirts of pastel coloured lightweight material, and are expertly manipulated by the dancers adding another dimension to the choreography. Anybody tired of legs-up-to-here tu tus and crotch-watch-inviting tights should see 'Three by Duato!


Lis, I believe you should be thanking pjme (otherwise known as Peter) who recommended that ballet company to you here.

You're welcome. :)



Thank you, pjme for pointing the way to this outstanding ballet company. What a treat!

And thank you, Maciek for finding the thread in the old forum. What a wizard you are!