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Name/composer of this piano sonata?


Here's the piece:

I think the name in the file's mp3 tag (Jon Swane Bækken) is only the performer, not the composer.

Can you name the composer and the title?


The piece, with its long line of simple broken chord accompaniment under a spare melodic line in a minor key sounds very much like the music of Ludovico Einaudi, though it isn't by him AFAIK. This sort of music is quite hard to classify - non-classical-types tend to see it as classical because the instrument, the type of harmony and the kind of repeating chord patterns remind them of classical pieces they do know (such as Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata); classical-types tend to see it as halfway between pop music and a kind of romanticised minimalism, I suppose, and some might bridle at its being called a Sonata, because it doesn't conform to the normal model for that kind of piece. Personally, I'd like to know the composer's reasons for choosing this title before dismissing it!

I can't say who this is by - I don't see why it couldn't be by the Jon Swane Bækken of the title, whoever he is. To be very honest, this sort of music is pretty easy to compose, once one know what rules to follow - I have a 14 year old piano student who writes stuff like this without much training - so I don't see why someone unheard of couldn't have created this piece. But if you want something similar, give Einaudi a try. For more standard classical music which you might like, you could do a lot worse than try some Chopin Nocturnes, or some Mompou such as his Musica Callada.


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