People's Symphony Concerts

Started by suzyq, October 29, 2007, 08:31:42 AM

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This was a first time for me.  It's inexpensive - six concerts for $36.

There is one catch - the concerts take place at Washington Irving HS (New York City) - huge auditorium and open seating.  One of the regulars told me that people start arriving as early as 6-6:30PM for an 8PM performance - tie up seats - supposedly not allowed, they do it anyway.

On Saturday, 10/27/07 the Guarneri String Quartet played.  I was in the back and between coughing, people getting up and leaving and returning to their seats and the "house" lights were not turned off or even lowered, it was distracting to say the least.  During the intermission, I spoke with a few people who were seated up front and asked if they were able to hear any of the commotion - they said some of it.  I did not stay for the second half of the program.

Emanuel Ax will be performing on December 1 which is my "next time".  I'll try to be earlier and get a seat somewhere in the front of the auditorium.  It would be better if the director of People's Symphony would make some arrangement to either turn off the lights or lower them before the performance and someone to take care of holding seats.  If an audience member leaves during a performance they should have to wait for a break before returning to their seats.  I did email them with some suggestions.

How anyone would want to perform here is beyond me.  I wonder if anyone else has attended any of these concerts and what kind of experience they had.


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Sounds rather Communist, I'd say. ;D Seriously, I like the idea--but these days you would almost have to give a free course in concert etiquette beforehand to make such an idea work.
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How can I put this, the audience was not a young crowd but people who should have known how to attend concerts or for that matter any form of live performance. It amazes me that any artist would agree to perform -

It is a good idea - Emanuel Ax is the next artist and  I'm  looking forward to hearing him play.  Guess I should get to the school a little early to get a seat further up front. 

Haven't gotten a reply to my email to the Manager and have a feeling he won't reply.
Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you don't.

It would be interesting to know if any forum members have had this experience either as a performer or a member of the audience.