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Bach's St. Matthew Passion

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As Dave poined out I believe we have threads on this one at the previous forum, but thought it would not hurt to rehash a bit, especially with many new members aboard.  I have the Richter recording which I used to enjoy, but after recent listen was a bit disappointed in.  So, waddya like folks?

Brought this over Dave:

Bill - concerning Bach's St. Matthew Passion, I currently own Max on Capriccio - I've had a number of versions, and this likely will not be my last one - HIP performance from 1995 - I know we've had threads (or at least posts on this composition) - there are so many choices, and I'm sure you'll get an excessive number of variable suggestions - good luck in picking out a new one - Dave  :D

Harnoncourt has always been my favourite in Bach's sacred music, the Matthäus is no exception.

I've had his 1st recording - pioneering HIP in 1971, with boys sopranos.
But his recent recording - all female sopranos - is a marvel and has it all: it's dramatic, pious and elegant.
Not an epic drama, but a very human drama. Harnoncourt's Matthäus has matured: it has lost nothing of its vigour but has deepened and is more balanced. The participating singers are top-notch and seem to have been type-casted for their roles.

Dancing Divertimentian:
Herreweghe (I have his first recording) first and foremost.

Dark horse: Schreier on Philips. A pared-down Staatskapelle Dresden w/ a touch of HIP scholarship. Not Big Tent...not Little Tent. Medium Tent!

Schreier's recording merits some attention, as does Otto Klemperer's massive, lapidary account on EMI. As a rule, though, I end up with McCreesh or Gardiner often as not.


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